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Transforming the way teams do data analytics

Unlocking and unleashing the power of blockchain data has never been easier, until now

Top Ledger for web3 teams

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Fast-track onboarding

Access decoded data

We maintain a historical archive of decoded instructions and events for hundreds of programs on Solana, enabling you to easily create more in-depth metrics

  • Custom indexing
  • Flexible schemas
  • SQL to API
  • Private dashboards
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Know your users

Wallet behaviour analytics

We index every wallet on Solana, along with their activities across DEXs, NFTs, DePINs, LST protocols, perpetuals, and more. This enables you to analyze all of your users

  • No code required
  • Dynamic filters
  • Real time
  • CSV export
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Know your competitor

Competitive Analysis

Our archive of decoded data, up-to-date schemas and taggings helps you quickly analyze the entire competitive landscape without any hassle

  • Sectoral analysis
  • Ecosystem analysis

Learn from the metrics top projects monitor

Our clients have made their key metrics public for the broader Solana community to view and understand

Suite of features to build a connected analytics experience

We add new features with one sole aim: to fuel decision-making and skyrocket productivity
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Connect private DB
Securely connect your private data source to the Top Ledger platform and collate it with decoded on-chain Solana data
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Set alerts
Set alerts on any chart to receive notifications in both your Slack and Discord channels
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Cast your dashboards
Our React component lets you effortlessly integrate any dashboard into your website, complementing your UI/UX design

Case studies

Gain detailed insights into specific scenarios, which will help you understand how our platform and offerings can be applied to your own requirements
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Squads is a platform aimed at simplifying the management of developer and treasury assets...
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Switchboard is a revolutionary multi-chain oracle protocol designed to address the ...

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