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Institutions & Market intelligence platforms

Trusted data source for advanced use cases

Whether you're training an AI agent, conducting industry-leading crypto research, or creating a DeFi simulator, Top Ledger is your go-to data provider for Solana

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Top Ledger for web3 teams

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Fast, reliable and decoded Solana data in your private cloud

Seamless integration of decoded data into your existing systems, empowering you to enhance your market research and advanced analytics


Tailored schemas to fit your specific needs

Tailored schemas to fit your specific needs

DEX trades

Decoded data from all DEXs and aggregators since 2021

NFT/cNFT mints and trades

All NFT/cNFT decoded data to analyze primary & secondary GMV


All native and liquid staking decoded transactions


Decoding perpetual swaps to analyze the derivatives ecosystem

Stablecoin activities

Access the activities of all stablecoins and SPL tokens


Decoded data for all DePIN protocols on Solana

Private Cloud

Powering the most advanced use cases of the industry

Powering the most advanced use cases

Market intelligence & reporting

Fuel your research reports effortlessly, without concerning yourself with the underlying data

Intelligent trading strategies

Build trading tactics and develop backtesting systems by employing data science techniques

AI models

Train custom AI models from trusted and curatedon-chain data

Wallet profiling at scale

Compute customized attributes and enhance your wallet profiling and cohort segmentation applications

We collaborate closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of your specific needs and offer comprehensive enterprise support throughout the entire processSchedule a call

Suite of features to build a connected analytics experience

We add new features with one sole aim: to fuel decision-making and skyrocket productivity
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Data integrity
Securely connect your private data source to the Top Ledger platform and collate it with decoded on-chain Solana data
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Set alerts on any chart to receive notifications in both your Slack and Discord channels
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Custom Infra
Our React component lets you effortlessly integrate any dashboard into your website, complementing your UI/UX design

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