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Blockchain Analytics

Powering the best in theSolanaecosystem

Web3 teams

SQL based analytics platform

SQL based analytics platform

Create comprehensive dashboards with deeper competitive insights, broader user profiling, and in-depth ecosystem analysis.

Business professionals

Wallet behaviour analytics

Wallet behaviour analytics

Conduct an in-depth analysis of wallet behaviours, develop detailed wallet profiles aimed at aligning your efforts with your product development plans.

Institutions & Market intelligence platforms

Top Ledger for research

Top Ledger for research

Forget about data integrity, speed, and infrastructure customization. Access decoded Solana data on your private cloud, including DEX trades, NFT/cNFT mints and trades, staking, DePIN, stablecoin activities, and more.


Top Ledger AI: Your trusted data ally

Top Ledger AI

Top Ledger AI is set to transform data analysis on Solana, simplifying large-scale insight consumption and accelerating decision-making.

Drive better business outcomes

Access, Visualize and Analyze while our infrastructure continuously extracts, labels, indexes, and decodes raw data from the Solana blockchain into various tables

For analysts

For analysts

Run blazingly fast SQL queries and leave auto-scaling, replication of workloads, rollup aggregations and custom data decoding to us.

For business people

For business people

Our user-friendly interface with upcoming AI capabilities accelerates data analysis, enabling quicker, more effective problem-solving and a stronger data-driven approach in business decision-making.

For developers

For developers

Boost your development with Top Ledger APIs Designed for seamless data integration on the Solana blockchain, our API empowers you to efficiently manage and query hundreds of decoded data tables.

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Start building a data culture

The leader in you always liked to put data at the center of every decision. Top Ledger helps you bring that to reality


Uncompromising analytics - End to end solutions

Our robust infrastructure, combined with our data indexing and decoding capabilities and enterprise support, ensures that you receive end-to-end analytics that are both broad and deep, without any interruption.

Top Ledger is your partner in data culture

We collaborate with various teams in an organization to identify their specific data and analytics needs, aiming to improve operational efficiency and decision-making across all verticals.


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