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Discover your users' engagement on solana

Top Ledger allows Web3 growth, analytics & data science teams to create powerful dashboards from decoded solana program data. Analyse auto-generated sentiment, narrative & tag cloud charts from Twitter, Telegram & Discord data.

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Richer analysis with unified datasets

What we offer

Build custom dashboards using plain SQL

Create successful business strategies, generate meaningful graphs and do powerful analysis on the decoded Solana program data. Our backend infra pulls in raw data from the Solana blockchain and labels and indexes them into different tables on a daily basis.

Run blazingly fast SQL queries and leave auto-scaling, replication of workloads, rollup aggregations and data compression to us.

Unlock the power of alternative data sources

Access deeper and actionable insights about your project from alternative data sources like Twitter, Telegram & Discord. We unify on-chain and relevant alternative data to give you superior market intelligence and a head start against your competitors.

Enhance your journey as a data driven company and leave the processing of alternative data sources to us.

Collate off-chain and on-chain data

Connect your private data source securely into the Top Ledger platform and combine it with on-chain Solana smart contract data.

Answer complex questions, strengthen decision making and finally share the enriched dashboards with your key stakeholders.

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